Out of this furnace kracha summary

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out of this furnace kracha summary

Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell

Out of This Furnace is Thomas Bell’s most compelling achievement.  Its story of three generations of an immigrant Slovak family -- the Dobrejcaks -- still stands as a fresh and extraordinary accomplishment.

The novel begins in the mid-1880s with the naive blundering career of Djuro Kracha. It tracks his arrival from the old country as he walked from New York to White Haven, his later migration to the steel mills of Braddock, Pennsylvania, and his eventual downfall through foolish financial speculations and an extramarital affair. The second generation is represented by Kracha’s daughter, Mary, who married Mike Dobrejcak, a steel worker. Their decent lives, made desperate by the inhuman working conditions of the mills, were held together by the warm bonds of their family life, and Mike’s political idealism set an example for the children. Dobie Dobrejcak, the third generation, came of age in the 1920s determined not to be sacrificed to the mills. His involvement in the successful unionization of the steel industry climaxed a half-century struggle to establish economic justice for the workers.

Out of This Furnace is a document of ethnic heritage and of a violent and cruel period in our history, but it is also a superb story. The writing is strong and forthright, and the novel builds constantly to its triumphantly human conclusion.
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Out of the Furnace - Russell and lena

Out of This Furnace

Out of This Furnace is a historical novel and the best-known work of the American writer Thomas Bell. It was first published in by Little, Brown and Company. The novel is set in Braddock, Pennsylvania , a steel town just east of Pittsburgh , along the Monongahela River. Based upon Bell's own family of Rusyn and Slovak immigrants, the story follows three generations of a family, starting with their migration in from Austria-Hungary to the United States, and finishing with World War II. The novel focuses on the steelworkers' attempt to unionize from , the first Homestead strike mentioned by Andrej on p.

Aboard the ship, he meets a voluptuous woman named Zuska Mihula and foolishly spends what little money he has on an alcohol-fueled birthday party for her. As a result, when Kracha arrives in New York, he lacks the money to buy a train ticket and thus sets out for Pennsylvania on foot. There, he meets up with his sister, Francka , and her husband, Andrej , who secures Kracha a job working for the railroads. Kracha also befriends a fellow Slovak immigrant named Joe Dubik. She is sickly and depressed and has an unsightly goiter in her neck. She nonetheless bears him three daughters: Mary , Alice , and Anna. Dubik marries Dorta , and they soon move to Braddock, Pennsylvania, where Dubik begins working in the blast furnaces.

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Dobie In Out of This Furnace, author Thomas Bell portrays the historic stories of Slovakian immigrants who migrate to the United States with the dream of becoming a millionaire or trying to escape the oppression in their old country Bell, 1. The novel illustrates the struggles of three generation of Slovakian immigrants in America enduring poverty, discrimination, exploitation by employers, as well as the development of labor unions., Activate JavaScript to see the phone number.

The novel tells the story of one family and its trials and tribulations as they make their way from Hungary to America. The story of three generations of the Kracha family is given in the novel from the first immigrant in the family, George Kracha to the third generation represented by Dobie Dobrejcak. The reader follows the family as they make their way in America. Out of This Furnace is written in novel form but it describes the life the immigrants faced when they came to America. It opens with George Kracha walking from his village in Hungary to board a ship. He spends his money for a party for a woman and arrives in New York with fifty cents in his pockets.




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