Tri?t ly giao d?c vi?t nam

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tri?t ly giao d?c vi?t nam

Di Tim Tri?t Li Giao D?c Vi?t Nam by Nguy?n Qu?c Vu?ng

Tri?t li giao d?c la gi? Do khong ph?i cau h?i d?n bay gi? m?i du?c d?t ra, va l?i cang khong ph?i cau h?i d? cho m?t ngu?i tr? l?i. Tru?c nh?ng thong tin th?i s? xoay quanh nh?ng cau chuy?n v? “chuong trinh giao d?c ph? thong t?ng th?”, v? b? sach giao khoa m?i, v? chuy?n d?y them h?c them, v? vi?c hinh thanh nh?ng nang l?c d? t?o nen th? h? “cong dan m?i”, hay don gi?n hon la nh?ng chuy?n d?i thu?ng lien quan d?n ngh? T?t, ngh? He, d?n nh?ng game show truy?n hinh… thi cau h?i lien quan d?n “tri?t li giao d?c” cang c?n du?c gi?i ma.

Di Tim Tri?t Li Giao D?c Vi?t Nam la cu?n sach ti?p n?i v? giao d?c c?a tac gi? Nguy?n Qu?c Vuong, nh?m gop ph?n ki?n gi?i va mong mu?n cung m?i ngu?i di ti?p tren hanh trinh khong m?y d? dang nay.
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Published 30.11.2018


Nam m?i, chuy?n cu

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    3 Thang Ba G?n day, giao d?c Vi?t Nam xu?t hi?n them nhi?u cu?c th?o lu?n, trong do co cac n?i dung v? n?i ham c?a giao d?c khai phong, di tim tri?t ly.

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