Summary of holes chapter 1

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summary of holes chapter 1

Holes Quotes by Louis Sachar

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Holes Chapters 1–3 Summary

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Holes Summary and Analysis of Chapters 1-6

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Camp Green Lake is described. It is no longer a lake because over a hundred years ago the lake dried up and the people who lived around it moved away. Now the lake is a dry and barren land where the temperature is usually about ninety- five degrees. The only place where there is shade is between two trees where there is a hammock. The hammock belongs to the Warden so the campers cannot lie in it.

These first chapters recount the bus journey of Stanley Yelnats IV from his hometown in Texas to Camp Green Lake, a correctional facility for young criminal offenders. Stanley is an overweight and unlucky boy who was caught with a pair of sneakers belonging to a famous baseball player, who intended to auction them off for charity, and he has been sentenced to time at Camp Green Lake instead of in jail. Despite this conviction, Stanley is innocent of the theft of which he has been accused, and actually - improbably - found the sneakers when they fell from the sky and into his hands. Since his father is an inventor working on a cure for foot odor, Stanley believes the sneakers are his "destiny," maybe even a "gift from God" that will signal a turn for the better in his family's unfortunate circumstances Instead - and Stanley attributes this bad luck to a family curse - he is arrested and sent to Camp Green Lake to do his time and eventually be rehabilitated into society. After a long and dusty bus ride, Stanley arrives in Camp Green Lake, which to his surprise is neither green nor near a lake. In fact, the camp consists of a couple of buildings in the middle of a vast dried lake basin, with nothing but desert for miles in every direction.

The scene of the ominous Camp Green Lake is set. It is a desert, not a lake at all. But most disturbing are the deadly yellow-spotted lizards. With this first irony of the novel, the reader senses that Camp Green Lake is indeed a dismal place. In two short pages the anxiety builds to hopelessness and the reader wonders why anyone would go to Camp Green Lake. It is a detention center for boys. As punishment each boy must dig a hole every day in the desert heat.


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    Rattlesnakes and scorpions hide in the shade under rocks and in holes that the campers of Camp Green Lake dig. Stanley Yelnats, the protagonist, thinks that Camp Green Lake will be like a summer camp. Stanley rides to Camp Green Lake on a bus with the bus driver and a guard with a.

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    Free summary and analysis of Chapter 1 in Louis Sachar's Holes that won't make you snore. We promise.

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