Who plays victor in house of anubis

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who plays victor in house of anubis

Onions Bunions Corns and Dungeons by D.D. Cross

A time travel tale with many curious, hilarious, and most thought provoking twists. A man from the 1950s finds by accident a portal to another time where time travel through portals to different times is not uncommon. This chiropodist finds he can change history to his liking and travels through a portal, a wormhole perhaps, to the 1936 Olympics to alter the outcome of Jesse Owens success and make for Hitler to succeed and bring back slavery. At first the chiropody man is kind but in a very well done pace we see how time travel and power corrupts him. There are powers and forces in the universe that can not allow for altering the past and a mysterious country doctor, characters from other times all come together to make this very tight story come together so well it was a stunner. The voices and dialogue is unique and they come alive as you read. This book begs the question that was originally asked in Bradburys Distant Thunder and later the films The Butterfly Effect, the remake of A Distant Thunder, and the humor of the Back to the Future movies. This book will not let you down with laughter, insight, and a solid place in science fiction writing. The author has an excellent grasp of the science and medical aspects of what might be if there is time travel probably because of the authors background as a doctor and scientist an in some circles very well known consultant on many projects. All of Crosss books make difficult concepts very easy to understand. It is written with casual grace and alarmingly humorous twists.
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House of Anubis Before and After 2016

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D.D. Cross

Victor Rodenmaar Jr.

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. He is the leader of the Secret Society. He is very strict towards the Anubis House students. Victor seems to be at the root of the society, since he was there since the beginning of it and has extensive knowledge of Egyptian Mythology and Alchemy. He is connected to the Frobisher-Smythe's through his father and often tries to outwit Robert. He is the great Enabler. In Touchstone of Ra, he left Anubis House to fulfil his destiny and protect the touchstone.

The following is a list of characters from Nickelodeon live-action show House of Anubis. Nina was the leader of the group Sibuna in the first two seasons. With the help of her friends Fabian and Amber, the three manage to hold all of the other Sibunas together in one piece. She is usually caring, level-headed, clever, and fearless, but is sometimes shy. She obtained a locket from Sarah under the alias of Emily prior to beginning her adventures in solving the mystery behind Anubis House.

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. He is a grumpy year-old man. When Victor was younger he was friends with Sarah-Frobisher Smythe but his father thretened to send him away from her if he didnt find where the Cup of Ankh was hidden. Later after his father died in the tunnels Victor was looked after by Rufus' parents along with Sarah after her parents died. In Season 1 , Victor is searching for the Cup of Ankh. He is the leader of a secret society and also is against the Sibunas.


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    Amber, Nina, and Fabian all have the same dream, Nina catches someone kissing Fabian, Victor becomes blinded by the beacon flash, and the Sibunas encounter new danger like never before!

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