Do amazon reviewers get paid

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do amazon reviewers get paid

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Published 30.11.2018

New concerns about fake reviews on Amazon

Wanna get paid (not just free products) for writing Amazon reviews? from Amazon, one of the first things I do is take a look at the reviews.

Amazon has an under-the-radar system that allows sellers to pay for reviews

Many marketing jobs are far from glamorous. The practice became so rampant that Amazon updated its community guidelines last October to remove incentivized reviews. But still, many retailers are trying to get around the new policy, according to one top-ranked Amazon reviewer. Below are excerpts, slightly edited for clarity. I have been reviewing on Amazon for a few years, sporadically, but only in the past year have I been doing it seriously. That is because I suddenly broke into the top 10, reviewers and then began quickly climbing up.

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Amazon did not take much more than token action against paid book reviews back then. But instead decided to remove reviews posted by fellow authors, or by those deemed to have a personal even if only by social media connection with the author.

How did this happen? Our leading indicator of quality and our guiding light of trust are the stars. They program you to trust these stars. And there are a lot of stars in the Bezos galaxy: According to one e-commerce metrics firm, Amazon hosts 1. Amazon likes to think of its marketplace as a merchant meritocracy where the best products get the best reviews by virtue of quality and honest consumer feedback. But the vast size of the platform, coupled with a ferocious competition among sellers to get higher product rankings, has spawned a problem: A proliferation of fake reviews.

Amazon 's terms of service aim to keep vendors from incentivizing reviews, but a little-known service run by the site does just that for sellers who are willing to pay for it. Known as Amazon Vine, this invitation-only club for a small percentage of elite reviewers, selected by Amazon, aims to prevent biased reviews on the site. Reviewers are sent products and asked for honest feedback, with no direct dialogue between the sellers and reviewers. Vendors "cannot modify, influence, or edit the reviews," according to Amazon's terms. A spokesperson for Amazon explained the Vine service in a statement to Business Insider:. Amazon has not allowed users to be compensated in the form of free or discounted products for writing reviews since October , when it changed its terms of service.

Writing reviews for Amazon and getting paid may sound unreal, but it is as real as getting free Amazon products in exchange for reviews. Reviews are beneficial to both the manufacturer of the product and other potential buyers who use reviews to decide whether or not to buy a product. I know that whenever I buy something from Amazon, one of the first things I do is take a look at the reviews. You can often see whether a product is actually worthwhile or whether has any negatives before you part with any cash. There are actually many companies that will pay you to write reviews. This means that while the opportunities for paid Amazon reviews are scarcer than they once were, there are still a couple of them out there.


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