Groucho marx walk this way

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groucho marx walk this way

Groucho and Me by Groucho Marx

An important contribution to the history of show business and to the saga of American comedy and comedians, comics and comicality.--James Thurber

With impeccable timing, outrageous humor, irreverent wit, and a superb sense of the ridiculous, Groucho tells the saga of the Marx Brothers: the poverty of their childhood in New Yorks Upper East Side; the crooked world of small-time vaudeville (where they learned to carry blackjacks); how a pretzel magnate and the graceless dancer of his dreams led to the Marx Brothers first Broadway hit, Ill Say She Is!; how the stock market crash in 1929 proved a godsend for Groucho (even though he lost nearly a quarter of a million dollars); the adventures of the Marx Brothers in Hollywood, the making of their hilarious films, and Grouchos triumphant television series, You Bet Your Life! Here is the life and lunatic times of the great eccentric genius, Groucho, a.k.a. Julius Henry Marx.
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Post a Comment. My friend David asks: why does Groucho Marx walk with that weird slouch-like lope? Bear with me, there's a purpose behind the question. A purpose, but first the answer. The answer is: we don't know why Groucho walks around that way but Groucho knows.

This special new series about the Marx Brothers in New York continues this week, following the brothers into a career in Broadway and into the movies, but first I would like to take a little time to discuss Groucho's peculiar way of walking. Sometimes described as a "lope" or "stoop," Groucho's silly and often lecherous walk became just as an important part of his persona as his glasses, eyebrows, cigar and greasepaint moustache. He didn't walk this walk all the time, but as you recall from the films, Groucho would often bend his knees and lean forward as he proceeded from point A to point B. To imitate Groucho properly at a costume party, it's important to get this part down. The audience liked it, so I kept it in. Then, fashionable young men of the upper classes would affect a walk with their right hand held fast to the base of their spines, and with a slight lean forward at the waist and a very slight twist toward the right with the left shoulder, allowing the left hand to swing free with the gait.

They claimed Stooges, I'm torn between Groucho Marx and Monty Python has been used by Mel Brooks and a host of others - kind of a homage at this point. The clerk says, "Walk this way," and the woman answers, "If I could walk that way I would not need talcum powder!".
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Of all the people you know who were born in , how many can still make you laugh? He bore a certain similarity to the Julius Henry Marx born October 2, Both were unpredictable and sharp-witted, but Julius was far more sentimental and anxious than his comedic counterpart. Presumably this was to hide their identity, but essentially the act was the same. They were fooling no one, and by the time they pulled into a place called Nacogdoches, Texas, they were prepared for a last-ditch stand.


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    Chico and Groucho Marx in A Night at the Opera (movie). (introducing . GROUCHO: "The way he looks it's like he's been laying all over the tracks." Groucho.

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    My friend David asks: why does Groucho Marx walk with that weird slouch-like lope? Bear with me, there's a purpose behind the question.

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