Black diamond outlaw pack review

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black diamond outlaw pack review

Outlaws Kiss (Grizzlies MC #1) by Nicole Snow



The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation. Guess nobody told him you dont take cash from killers without savage consequences. Now, the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club owns my sister and I. Were only alive because the rugged hulk with the piercing eyes who wont stop ordering me around says so. He saved us, but hes also an enigma I dont understand. Why does he keep calling me his old lady? Is he really the light to our darkness? And why the hell cant I stop thinking nasty, shameful things about ending up underneath his wicked tattoos and crude lips?


I claimed her on impulse, and all my brothers laughed. Didnt know Id end up with a smoking hot spitfire who looks at me like Im the devil himself. I expected my reputation to crack, but my damned minds going with it. Shes got me questioning my own club and asking myself every single day how long I can keep my hands off her. It was only pretend, a way to keep her safe. But I cant ignore the very real brutality, corruption, and danger stalking us. Just like I cant forget the storm in my blood that wont stop howling til shes wearing my brand and bracing for my kiss.

Play times over. Missys gonna be my old lady - no more faking it - and nothings standing in my way...
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Published 29.11.2018

Black Diamond Agent AvaLung 18

Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. If gunning for a powdery summit is your mission for the day, the Black Diamond Outlaw AvaLung provides the perfect combo of features and size.
Nicole Snow

Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Review

To me, making a backcountry ski pack seems pretty easy. Make it relatively lightweight, easy to attach skis to in different configurations, offer an insulated hydration sleeve and have a separate pocket for my avy shovel and probe. There are some extra features that I like, but can live without, like hip belt pockets, back panel access and a goggle pocket, but include those as well and you have succeeded in making a pack that for sure will be a hit. Waist belt pockets are large enough for a small camera. The good news is that all of my gripes with it have been addressed in the updated Outlaw, which to start off with comes with a nice low profile, padded waist belt. It also has two pockets to store your trail goodies and are even big enough to stash a smaller sized point and shoot style camera.

Call it fate, fortune or whatever you will, but my Black Diamond Outlaw Backpack houses a six pack of beer like an absolute champ. But really, who cares about good decision making? I can drunkenly wander into the backcountry without a care in the world, right? Sorry people, you still gotta be on it out there. I know that if I were to get the thing in my mouth, it would buy me some serious time up to an hour when used correctly. But if I were in the spin cycle of a life-threatening avalanche, would I actually have the presence of mind to get that little tube in my mouth?

Getting into the backcountry to find some fresh tracks can be one of the best escapes from the day to day minutia as it gets. First and foremost, bring the knowledge with you. Take an avi 1 class and go with friends or groups who are familiar with the backcountry. Next, make sure you and everyone you go with has a beacon, probe, and shovel. Those are the basics, but one of the more recent add ons to your avi gear checklist is an Avalung pack such as the Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack or an airbag pack such as the BD Jetforce packs listed here. The general concept is that when you are caught in an avalanche, you have a finite amount of time in which you have fresh oxogen to breath in. As you exhale, you breath out CO2 which can be poisonous to breath in if you take in too much.

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