Managers of their homes schedule

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managers of their homes schedule

Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families by Steven Maxwell

What Marie Kondo did for my stuff, this book is doing for my time.

Im learning that time, like money, is a limited resource and it NEEDS A BUDGET or it will get wasted. The schedule method they recommend is the Dave Ramsey of Time Management that all homeschooling moms need. And just like with Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University, I went through all the stages of budgeting grief as I made our schedule: SO EXCITED, sobered by how much I need to do, frightened by how little time I have to do it in, and finally coming to acceptance because there IS a plan to make the best use of what little time I do have.

I appreciated the extreme Titus-2-ness of this book. I dont know what it was about Teri Maxwell, but something about her experience and wise tone made me straighten up and say Yes maam to so many good ideas Ive put off. Scripture memory, for example. Ive always known I should be more diligent about it. Suddenly she off-handedly mentioned that it would be a good idea, and I just...STARTED, with no more excuses. Because of this tendency, her constant reminders that the schedule is just a tool, not a task-master, and that you must soak the whole process in prayer, were extremely helpful to me. Otherwise I would have mentally skipped these important points.

I am not using every idea she shared, but the book gave me a thrill of hope that I can still do the things that are most on my heart if I schedule them intentionally (Ive been putting them off for the sake of dealing with urgencies). The testimonials from test group moms, of their trial-and-error and all the fruit experienced, are GENIUS to include and just as encouraging as the actual content of the book.

This book is definitely intended for a Christian complementarian audience, and it will definitely annoy anyone who is not those things. But, as I am both, I was humbled by and grateful for it. I think it could help EVERY mom in this category, not just homeschooling ones.

Ive read other books on habit formation, motivation, and general mothering--but this one is where rubber meets the road. It is life-changing at the most practical level. It is a gift.
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BIG FAMILY... tiny house TOUR !

From the Bookshelf: (MOTH) Managers of Their Homes

ScheduleBreeze is the software companion for Managers of Their Homes. It reduces your time creating your schedule with software tools like drag-and-drop functionality. Many moms use it, so why don't you join them? It is a delight to use. First, read the ScheduleBreeze information page. This will give you information about using the software, and give you the opportunity to try ScheduleBreeze for a week. The registration page is the last page in the book, and must be sent in prior to purchasing ScheduleBreeze.

We help make scheduling simple.

It truly feels like spring has arrived in our little corner of the world! Along the way, I tend to pick up a book to help me persevere in what can sometimes be an arduous task. I felt now would be the perfect time to read MOTH. Adding little Butchie to our numbers last summer has meant scheduling and orderly homemaking has become even more of a priority. Do you find that every time you add a baby you are compelled to bring your organization and simplicity of life to an even greater level? Or is that just me?

This page spiral-bound book by Steven and Teri Maxwell has been around for over ten years now. So, why should I buy the book? According to what I read there, this book was not only how to schedule, but also how to work a schedule. I could see that this was no rigid, militaristic strict scheduling, but a plan of action that was a tool in the hand of a manager, and the book was about how to effectively wield the tool. So I bought it.


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