Earnest in a simple sentence

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earnest in a simple sentence

Ernest Hemingway Quotes (Author of The Old Man and the Sea)

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Conditional sentences by professor Earnest

Use “earnest” in a sentence | “earnest” sentence examples

I am a professional writer, but I often hate my writing. I wish it was more concise and powerful. Most of the recommendations offered by the Hemingway App are based on research into readability—that is, how easy it is to understand a given text. Writing for readability often means writing at a lower grade level. In eschewing ornamentation, he ensured that each word he wrote was essential.

Earnest adjective means serious, determined or passionate. The meaning refers to anything which has seriousness, gravity or sincerity. Earnest can also refers to an attitude of determination or conviction. The meaning of earnest can also refer to something that happens or starts more intensely than before. The noun form of the word earnest refers to the money paid in advice to make a contract binding or any other token of promise. Create a sentence with the word earnest to suggest a purposeful and resolute intent. Associate with serious apologies, firm replies, solemn behavior, passionate eagerness or money given as a token advance.

It could mean any of these things:.
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Use earnest in a sentence. An example of someone earnest is a preacher speaking to a congregation of devout followers. A lesson on how to correctly perform CPR is an example of something earnest. A contract is an agreement that is an example of something made in earnest. An artist who works constantly and makes many pieces of art each day is an example of working in earnest.

From the book The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, which sentence from the passage provides the best expression of the theme? From the book The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde Which sentence from the passage provides the best expression of the theme? In the play the importance of being earnest by Oscar Wilde. How are the characters jack and lager in developed through the use of dialogue? How are these characters similar?

It almost makes you wonder if Lizard Squad did this just to annoy Anonymous and the other earnest champions of privacy. The US first considered the idea in the s, but interest was revived in earnest after the California Gold Rush began in Few politicians garner the celebrity that Senator Booker does, and fewer still seem so earnest and human while doing it. Tragically, Cary did not live to complete the second volume, and in I began work in earnest on this book. Her earnest face brightened with a wistful yet pleasant smile. Kedril begins to tremble in earnest , but his master does not lose courage, and orders him to prepare the supper.


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    Example sentences with the word earnest. earnest example sentences. His simple, earnest response and the conviction on his face floored her.

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    Use Earnest in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning and Sentence Examples

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    Add earnest to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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