Why people play mind games

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why people play mind games

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Published 29.11.2018

5 EVIL Mind Games Guys Play on Girls

Dating relationships can be confusing and frustrating. Are you having a hard time understanding why your partner's playing mind games? We have the answers.

Mind games

I hear from many of you about how confusing and frustrating dating relationships can be. It is simply hard to understand the opposite sex, e specially when the person you are interested in plays mind games. It can get in the way of a deep meaningful relationship. You know, when they say one thing and mean another just to get what they want? Not all these needs are wrong, or unhealthy.

You would play upon me, you would seem to know my stops, you would pluck out the heart of my mystery…. People have probably been playing mind games from the beginning of time. We play mind games because it makes us feel powerful and allows us to avoid taking responsibility for our feelings. The drawback of playing mind games is that you never really have an authentic relationship with people and thus never feel a deep loving connection that comes from honesty and trust. This can make the other person both angry and confused. Passive-aggressive personalities play this game. Basically they forget important things like appointments, promises, paying back loans and the like.

People play mind games usually because they are insecure, immature, or have a manipulative type of personality. They are not ready and.
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Why Do They Play Mind Games With Us?

Mind games is used to define three forms of competitive human behaviors :. The first known use of "mind game" is in Mind games in the sense of the struggle for prestige [6] appear in everyday life in the fields of office politics , sport, and relationships. Played most intensely perhaps by Type A personalities , office mind games are often hard to identify clearly, as strong management blurs with over-direction, healthy rivalry with manipulative head-games and sabotage. The serious sportsman will also be prepared to meet a variety of gambits and head-games from their rivals, attempting meanwhile to tread the fine line between competitive psychology and paranoia. In intimate relationships, mind games can be used to undermine one partner's belief in the validity of their own perceptions. Eric Berne described a psychological game as an organized series of ulterior transactions taking place on twin levels, social and psychological, and resulting in a dramatic outcome when the two levels finally came to coincide.


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