Tom myers anatomy trains courses

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tom myers anatomy trains courses

Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists by Thomas W. Myers

An accessible and comprehensive approach to the anatomy and function of the fascial system in the body combined with a holistic overview of myofascial therapy. Many different therapists now use myofascial techniques to influence postural change and pain relief. This book demonstrates exactly how the muscles connect within the connect tissue to affect posture, compensatory strain, and pain patterns. The aim is to present scientifically sound and often complicated material in a way which can be easily learned, understood, and applied by those who do not necessarily have a scientific background. ANATOMY TRAINS is written and presented in a style that allows this new information on the myofascial system to be easily absorbed by a wide range of readers: from the student, athlete, or client to the most experienced therapist.
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Tom Myers Discusses Anatomy Trains Arches and Legs Course

Anatomy Trains in Motion

We offer short professional development courses and Structural Integration trainings worldwide for movement and manual therapists of all types. We offer both introductory and advanced short courses worldwide for manual therapists and movement professionals of all modalities. Learn Anatomy Trains theory alongside structural and functional anatomy and analysis, fascial release techniques, as well as fascial training and movement skills. ATSI is an art, science, and a practical application of structural bodywork. Our holist… View Courses.

Thomas W. This website has been especially designed for readers of the third edition of Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists by Thomas Myers - the worldwide bestseller which helps readers expand their vision and practice to global myofascial patterns. Suitable for all professionals who have an interest in human movement, this website contains a wide selection of videos, podcasts, animations, and a downloadable image bank. The publishers and author plan to keep the site fresh and will be adding new material on a regular basis. Look out for the regular updates and if there is anything you wish to see in particular please e-mail Elsevier Ltd on anatomytrainsnew elsevier. We will do our best to accommodate you.

The concepts of Anatomy Trains




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    Follow up with our six regional anatomy workshops in your area or come to our day intensive.

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    This program explains the anatomy of the shoulders and arms, provides four client mini sessions with BodyReading visual assessment , presented by Anatomy Trains author, Tom Myers.

  3. Dominic C. says:

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    Come away with a solid appreciation of the wonders of the body grounded in the latest research and biomechanics — not levers and vectors but readily usable whole-body strategies that will enable you to see the true source of problems.

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