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seven things i hate about you movie

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Published 18.11.2018

Heath Ledger Sings "can't take my eyes off you".

Sign in. Bianca quits the cheer squad after Chastity is overthrown as head cheerleader. Kat runs for class president when she find out Blank is running uncontested.

10 Things I Hate About You

Seeing the difference between what these actors looked like in this film versus how they are now is staggering, as many have gone on to do bigger and greater things, while others who were in their prime in the late 90s seem to have now all but disappeared. Get ready to hop on board the nostalgia train as we go back in time to a simpler, more plaid-filled time, as we take a look at what these '90s heartthrobs and icons are up to today. Larisa Oleynik absolutely nailed her role as spoiled Bianca Stratford in 10 Things , and for many people, this is certainly the role they will continue to most associate with her. She also has two feature films in the works, and people are wondering whether or not there will be a reboot happening anytime soon of The Secret World of Alex Mack. If there were going to be one, would it star Oleynik? It really is heartwarming to see pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teen actor compared with how he looks now, as the transformation is pretty staggering.

In the story, new student Cameron Gordon-Levitt is smitten with Bianca Oleynik and, in order to get around her father's strict rules on dating , attempts to get bad boy Patrick Ledger to date Bianca's ill-tempered sister, Kat Stiles. The film is titled after a poem written by Kat about her bittersweet romance with Patrick. Much of the filming took place in the Seattle metropolitan area , with many scenes shot at Stadium High School in Tacoma. Released March 31, , 10 Things I Hate About You was number two at the domestic box office during its opening weekend, behind only The Matrix , and was a moderate financial and critical success. It was a breakthrough role for Stiles, Ledger, and Gordon-Levitt, all of whom were nominated for various teen-oriented awards. Ten years later, the film was adapted into a television series of the same title , which ran for twenty episodes and featured Larry Miller reprising his role as Walter Stratford from the film. Cameron James, a new student at Padua High School in the Seattle area, becomes instantly smitten with popular sophomore Bianca Stratford.

The fashion items worn throughout the film are the ultimate best of the '90s. From the platform sandals to the designer backpacks, 10 Things I Hate About You had all of the trendy sartorial wonders that myself and hundreds of other '90s kids dreamed of owning someday. I mean, who didn't want a Prada backpack sophomore year? I know I did. For the last two years, fashion trends from the '90s have become popular yet again.

Julia Stiles (Kat)

It might even be the greatest, depending on who you're talking to I say yes. It's the best Shakespearean adaptation in spite of how wonderful Clueless is , it's still just as funny and cool today as it was back when it first came out, and it continues to be just as important to those who embraced it in their younger years as they mature into adults. Given it's been almost 20 years since its release in , now is the perfect time to take a look back at the stars of this joy of a movie and ask the question, where are they now? Some are still working pretty consistently in show-business, others have backed away from the spotlight, and one of them is running a, er, spiritual group out of a temple in Venice Beach, CA. Read on to find out which cast-members emerged as true stars and remember the one who, sadly, is no longer with us. The chick who stole all of our hearts as bad-ass, no-nonsense Kat Stratford introduced in the opening sequence blasting Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" out of her unbelievably cool red vintage car, before arriving at school and tearing a poster for Prom off the wall , made us want to wear nothing but low-rise sweat-pants and camo string tops for the rest of our natural born lives.


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