I before e except after c song

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i before e except after c song

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I before E except after C

How Is "I before E except after C" a Rule?

If one is not sure whether a word is spelled with the sequence ei or ie , the rhyme suggests that the correct order is ie unless the preceding letter is c , in which case it is ei. For example:. The rule is very well known; Edward Carney calls it "this supreme, and for many people solitary, spelling rule". The rule is sometimes taught without regard for the particular sound represented by the spelling, and sometimes taught as applying only to particular pronunciations. Two common restrictions are:.

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English spelling is hard. It's hard for kids to learn it, and it's hard for adults who have already learned it to remember how to do it right. It would be nice to have some consistent, general rules to go by, but alas, there are few. Maybe none. Even the one general rule that most people remember from school is not a very good rule at all: I before E except after C—but not in "eight," or "protein," or "efficient," or "glacier," or "Einstein," or, or, or….

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There is a mnemonic device that has been taught to help individuals learn the spelling of some words. And weird is just weird. We will look at these exceptions below. There are many words that are commonly thought of as being exceptions, but are in fact spelled correctly. There is no easy way to remember these words.

In English, of the letter sequences "ie" and "ei" occurring in spellings of words, "ei" is rare except when used after "c" to form "cei"; furthermore, letter sequence "cie" is rare it occurs mostly in the plural of nouns ending "-cy" such as efficiency. This general rule is commonly known as the I before E except after C rule see category. The rule has several variations and exceptions, including when the "ei" makes the long "a" sound such as in neighbour , weigh , beige and rein. Listed below are some words which are exceptions to the most basic rule of "I before E except after C". Note that this list is incomplete and also does not include all variations of each word such as theirs or sciences.


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