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hitlers most famous speech download

Adolf Hitler Quotes (Author of Mein Kampf)

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Merkel speech at 75th anniversary of Hitler assassination attempt - DW News

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Hitler Speeches with accurate English subtitles

Hitler has been represented in popular culture ever since he became a well-known politician in Germany. His distinctive image was often parodied by his opponents. Parodies became much more prominent outside Germany during his period in power. Since the end of World War II representations of Hitler, both serious and satirical, have continued to be prominent in popular culture, sometimes generating significant controversy. Numerous works in popular music and literature feature Adolf Hitler prominently. In Germany, before he came to power, Hitler was often portrayed satirically in newspaper cartoons and propaganda by political enemies. After the Nazis came to national power in January , Hitler was mostly depicted as a god-like figure, loved and respected by the German people, as shown for example in Triumph of the Will , which Hitler co-produced.

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On February 1, , two days after he was appointed chancellor, Hitler spoke over the radio to the German people about his vision for the future of the country:. Over fourteen years have passed since that unhappy day when the German people, blinded by promises made by those at home and abroad, forgot the highest values of our past, of the Reich, of its honor and its freedom, and thereby lost everything. Since those days of treason, the Almighty has withdrawn his blessing from our nation. Discord and hatred have moved in. Filled with the deepest distress, millions of the best German men and women from all walks of life see the unity of the nation disintegrating in a welter of egotistical political opinions, economic interests, and ideological conflicts. As so often in our history, Germany, since the day the revolution broke out, presents a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We did not receive the equality and fraternity which was promised us; instead we lost our freedom.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Hitler's 'Final Solution' to the 'Jewish Question' was the elimination of the Jewish race from the European continent. During the Holocaust six million Jews were murdered. Hitler once remarked 'If the Jews didn't exist, we would have to invent them'. This is one of his most revealing comments on Nazism. Nothing creates more unity than a common enemy.

Nowadays I do not speak very often. In the first place I have little time for speaking, and in the second place I believe that this is a time for action rather than speech. We are involved in a conflict in which more than the victory of only one country or the other is at stake; it is rather a war of two opposing worlds. I shall try to give you, as far as possible in the time at my disposal, an insight into the essential reasons underlying this conflict. I shall, however, confine myself to Western Europe only.


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