Dr james schaller lyme disease

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dr james schaller lyme disease

The Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Bartonella by James L. Schaller

Bartonella is one of the most serious infections in the world. Due to profoundly outmoded testing, this universal world infection has been able to hide in untold tens of millions of individuals. Even with virtually no research, it has gone from 2 species to 32 discovered species in a short time. Treatment studies are all of questionable value. Bartonella harms every organ in at least 15-20 ways. This fact is based on a review of about 2,000 published papers and is functionally unknown to 99.9% of the world’s clinical and academic health care workers. This book is meant to powerfully and clearly reveal this profoundly dangerous stealth infection, before it harms millions of people.
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Ronald J. Wilson, MD Patient Testamonial 2012

Schaller, James James Louis Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works by James Schaller.
James L. Schaller

Dr James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Psychiatrist James Schaller. James L. Schaller, 50, pleaded no contest to a third-degree felony involving a year-old former neighbor as part of a plea deal that dropped a similar count involving his son, who had tried to intercede during an altercation on Jan. Schaller faced up to five years in state prison on each count, but had no prior record. Collier Circuit Judge Fred Hardt then adjudicated him guilty and sentenced him to four years of probation on the condition he undergo a mental health evaluation and not contact the victim. Joyce Schaller then burst into tears, prompting Hollander to console her as her husband was fingerprinted. No contact means no contact.

Schaller is the prolific author of 13 books on tick and flea-borne infections. He shows you useful pearls and deep insights into why you are stuck! See the useful wisdom that explains why very smart discerning patients from 30 nations and every state come seeking top care for failed tick and flea and mystery infections. He is highly creative and brings clarity to chaos. His patients have almost always already been to top healers and medical centers in the USA and internationally. His books are usually plus years ahead of current care and are careful, creative, based on wide research, and fascinating.

My average patient has been to physicians before me. Below are some sample reasons for treatment failure:. Schaller is the author of 27 peer-reviewed journal articles and is one of the most prolific LL MD's in the world. He is the author of 25 books and has published many recent books on tick-borne infections. He is a full-time self-funded researcher with a part-time private practice in the United States.

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