Sanaa lathan simon baker oprah

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sanaa lathan simon baker oprah

Fans of Interracial Romance - Archived Threads: The blackfemale/whitemale is easily the most depicted interracial pairing Showing 1-50 of 85

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Simon on Oprah

That was certainly a turn from the films she had done previously, which basically were romantic and dramatic films such as "Out of Time" with Denzel Washington, "Out of Time" with Taye Diggs, and "Disappearing Acts" with Wesley Snipes.

Anyone watch Sanaa Lathan on Oprah

When it comes to African American cinema , there are a slew of films that stand out as being the best of the best—and many of them are unforgettable Black romance movies. And though they tend to endlessly shuffle the same beloved actors—Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Michael Ealy—we'll never get enough of the beautiful stories and people that portray Black love in the best way possible. Based on the James Baldwin novel of the same name, this acclaimed romance follows a young Black couple, Fonny and Tish, whose future is derailed after Fonny is arrested for rape—a crime he did not commit. Watch Now. This Oscar-winning film follows three distinct times in the life of Chiron, a young Black man growing up in Miami who experiments with his sexuality as he faces countless life setbacks.

Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan, stars of the movie Something New, discuss Something New -- | Simon Baker, Sanaa Lathan and Oprah Love And Basketball, .
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Lathan: He has pale skin and I have dark skin, so they had to balance us out a bit [for lighting reasons]. All of the girls in the makeup trailer got to see Simon naked. They totally did his whole body in tanning cream. Lathan: It was really Simon and 10 black women. He was privy to private black girl stuff.

Something New is a American romantic comedy drama film directed by Sanaa Hamri. The screenplay by Kriss Turner focuses on interracial relationships and traditional African American family values and social customs. Kenya McQueen Sanaa Lathan is a successful, single African American woman who has sacrificed romance in order to pursue a career as a certified public accountant. Her obsessive compulsive desire for perfection and control has manifested itself in the bland, monochromatic decor of her new home and the rigid rules she follows in her personal life. Urged to loosen up by her friends, Kenya accepts a blind date with landscape architect Brian Kelly Simon Baker arranged by her co-worker Leah Cahan Katharine Towne , who is in the process of planning the kind of wedding Kenya wants herself.

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    Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan, stars of the movie Something New, discuss the rising number of black women dating white men.

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    Sanaa Lathan @justsanaa @Oprah i was at the taping of that show. So good to see you in person. Simon Baker is EASY on the eyes.

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    Color Commentary |

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