Who sings sea of heartbreak

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who sings sea of heartbreak

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Rosanne Cash - "Sea Of Heartbreak" - Live From Zone C

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Sea of heartbreak

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His family was poor and he stopped attending school in grade two to help out his sharecropping parents. He developed an interest in music at an early age and was inspired by recording artists like Tennessee Ernie Ford. In his late teens he held down a number of jobs including a as soda jerk, baby diaper deliveryman and dishwasher. This enhanced Gibson who began to experiment with different styles by his mid-teens. With some early success, he recorded some records for Mercury Records and later with Columbia.

His smooth, pleasing vocal style and ruggedly handsome looks particularly pleased women during his time. Nashville sound is a subgenre of American country music originated back in the mid s. It competed with the dominance of honky-tonk music, which was also the most popular during the s and early s. He considered himself as one of the tortured souls who poured his heart out in his sorrowful songs. He was an effective purveyor of classic songs dealing with heartbreak and loneliness.


The events we write about at Gaslight Records happened in some form or another 50 years ago to the day. Roll along with us and imagine you are back in Stride piano and a low down 'bom, bom, bom'. Interesting use of space with the production also. April 9, It's been almost 18 months since Bob Dylan released his last album of new material, John Wesley Harding.

The song has been covered by a number of artists, perhaps most famously by Johnny Cash. The song describes the feelings of lost love, and compares them to being lost in a metaphorical sea of intensely sad emotion to an, at least in the chorus and in the overall impression, surprisingly cheery tune. It contains three verses with a chorus at the beginning and ending, and in between verses. The chorus lines are Kenny Price recorded the song in , and peaked at number 24 on the country charts in the USA.

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