Joy santlofer cause of death

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joy santlofer cause of death

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Published 27.11.2018

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Five years ago, author and artist Jonathan Santlofer was at home with his wife, food writer Joy Santlofer, when Joy began feeling feverish. Joy, who had undergone outpatient surgery the day before for a torn meniscus in her knee, called her doctor's office and was told to come for her scheduled appointment four days later. That appointment never happened. Joy died suddenly — possibly from medications interacting badly — and Santlofer was left in what he calls a "fugue state" of grief. Though he continued living in the loft that they had shared, he initially put away all of the photographs of his wife, because they were too painful to look at. But as time wore on, Santlofer would bring out the images so that he could sketch copies of them.

All photos courtesy of Doria Santlofer. When Joy Santlofer died suddenly two years ago, her daughter Doria felt as though her world had been blown apart. She resolved to pick up where Joy had left off, or at least find others who could. With luck, the funds will go to an independent editor tasked with cutting, reorganizing, and polishing the manuscript, plus a photo editor who will select and curate accompanying photos. Joy Santlofer and daughter Doria.

Nov 28, When Jonathan Santlofer's wife died five years ago, he was thrown into a 'fugue state' of grief. On trying to find out the cause of Joy's death.
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Jonathan Santlofer's painfully beautiful new memoir, "The Widower's Notebook," fulfills two roles at once. Even as it makes art of his struggle to cope with the loss of his wife, it also reflects the fact that a growing number of mourning American men are publicly sharing the depths of their sorrow. Rosenthal — husband of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, whose Modern Love essay, "You May Want to Marry My Husband," went viral shortly before her death from ovarian cancer — Santlofer's memoir treats his anguish at the death of his own wife, Joy, and his sense of having been left to mourn without knowing how to articulate his grief. Four decades into their marriage, Joy suddenly stopped breathing the day after having minor knee surgery. Santlofer was left unable to do the basics: read, write, sleep. Still, he remained in thrall to old codes: "I needed comfort though I said I did not. It was to become a motif, a stance I maintained for months, the strong man who needs no one," he writes, invoking the trope of the male driver who refuses to admit he's off-track.

That appointment never happened. I went out every night. I did all sorts of work. I resumed my teaching right away. I took on lots of commission painting work. I tried very hard to resume my life in a normal way. Those were the things that I had a lot of trouble doing.



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    Sometimes the thing you least want to do becomes the very thing that touches other people most.

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