Herbert w armstrong college cult

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herbert w armstrong college cult

Mystery of the Ages by Herbert W. Armstrong

A stunning egotist and vain person, Herbert Armstrong, whose biographer Herman Hoeh, claimed Armstrong to be of royal blood, claimed that this book was The Greatest Book Since the Bible. Upon reading it, however, it is more than filled with heresy, trite aphorisms stolen from other cultic religions, endless plagiarism and the shallowest hermeneutics a first year baptist Bible College student could take apart in 10 minutes.

The book was wholly written to serve Armstrongs enormous ego and unify, doctrinally, his paper mache cult, The Worldwide Church of God; which promptly dissolved upon his death in January of 1986 into many unprosperous and ineffective splinter cultettes to say nothing of the large production of a new pile of atheists. Of whom, I am one.

(Addendum) Not to mislead. The above two previous sentences do imply I left the faith to Armstrong. No. Not as Hebrews says, no root of bitterness was endemic in me. More like what Buddha said, Im awake. Like a sinless Pilate, washed my hands of the whole scheme and happily walked away.
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The Cult Test. The Herbert W. Armstrong cult.

I grew up in a cult and I can tell you why 'normal' people join them

W hen my Mum lost her Dad in her early twenties, she was looking for answers and a soft place to land. A confusing time to be human, the s was the era of the Vietnam War, equal rights and the disruption of all kinds of traditional values. Aside from a conservative dress code and a ban on makeup, the church was full of fairly normal looking people. There were millions of followers at its peak families big and small, rich and poor joined from almost every country in the world. We were taught that after most of the world had been slaughtered, a great resurrection would take place the dead would rise, including humans from ages past. The faithful members of our special religion would be rewarded with leadership positions. Those resurrected mortals that agreed to teachings would be granted eternal life, the others would be thrown into a lake of fire.

About Us About Dr. Lindstrom's Video Archives Salvation Video. Audio Archives Podcast Radio Stations. Armstrong his son Garner Ted Armstrong is his helper. In it was a page full color copy similar to Time Magazine.

Herbert W. Armstrong College is a privately supported co-educational institution offering two- and four-year scholastic curricula in theology, liberal arts and applied arts and sciences. Armstrong College was founded in on a acre campus in north Edmond, Oklahoma. With thousands of colleges and universities teaching how one might earn a living, Herbert W. Armstrong College focuses on teaching the skills, concepts and values that lead to success not only in the workplace, but also in life. The Herbert W. Armstrong College educational program helps prepare young men and women how to live in worthwhile service to God and humanity.

Herbert W. He was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, first taking to the airwaves on January 7, from the watt station KORE Eugene, Oregon.
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Original version was published as " Consider candid responses to 15 accustations about Herbert W. A few small updates have been included in the on-line version--mainly to address specific issues raised on-line there was also a brief section on adversaries added. This article, however, dwells only on the accusations I have personally heard against church founder Herbert W. Armstrong HWA. Armstrong, I hope those who are interested in the truth will realize that he has often been unfairly accused. Those interested in more background on Herbert W. Armstrong may wish to read the article Who Was Herbert W.

From the time that I have been able to talk, I have had to explain about the doctrine and beliefs that Herbert Armstrong both concocted and plagiarized to create The Worldwide Church of God and the effect that it has had on millions of people all over the world. Honestly, I'm sick to death of it. But in the same way that someone with a very noticeable scar or missing limb must continue tell the story of their ordeal when they meet someone new who can't help but ask, so I am still explaining the false doctrines and sharing stories of rampant abuse, fraud, and neglect with people who are curious about the cult. As much as I hate it and wish I could just "get past it somehow," I can't. This is my baseline. Coming to accept that truth was a difficult road to travel because I kept telling myself that there was some way I could "normalize" myself.


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    Armstrongism - Wikipedia

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    Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, January 16, ) was the founder of the Radio Church . During this time, Armstrong also reflected on starting a college to aid the growing church, 2; ^ Bob Larson, Larson's New Book of Cults, p.

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    Armstrongism is the teachings and doctrines of Herbert W. Armstrong while leader of the . Armstrongism is defined as a cult in Walter Martin's book, The Kingdom of the Cults (). Martin argues that Armstrong's teachings are largely a.

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