Stephen king 11 22 63 it references

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stephen king 11 22 63 it references

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Published 26.11.2018

11/22/63 By Stephen King Review

At one point in 11/22/63, Stephen King's new novel about a man who Characters in books reference situations and characters from other.

Cramer’s Dairy (Episode 1)

Jan 29, PM. As I read any book, I usually tell it to my husband as I read along. Jan 30, PM. Sandyboy wrote: "jake meets some characters from IT if that is what you mean - the section in Derry is just after the ending of IT" Okay, so on some level it does revere to IT Better read it then! So I can all so get the bigger picture. Jan 31, PM.

Kennedy , which occurred on November 22, the novel's titular date. It is the 60th book published by Stephen King, his 49th novel and the 42nd under his own name. The novel was announced on King's official site on March 2, The novel required considerable research to accurately portray the late s and early s. It was really strange at first, like breaking in a new pair of shoes. The novel was adapted into a Hulu television series in ,


It focuses on a man who goes back to and plans on stopping the assassination of John F. Al tellas him a secret. In his closet there is a "rabbits hole", or portal, that goes back to September 9th Al is too old to go on his mission so he elects his English teacher of a friend, Jake Epping. He gets Jake to go and try to stop the JFK assassination.


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    What are the references to it in I know that Jake Epping went to Derry and met Richie and the bevy from the levy, what were the direct references to.

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