Why does god take babies to heaven

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why does god take babies to heaven

Safe in the Arms of God: Truth from Heaven About the Death of a Child by John F. MacArthur Jr.

Is my baby in heaven?

This is the most important question a grieving parent can ask. And even if the little one is someone elses child, the issue remains: What happens to children?those unborn, stillborn, or youngsters?when they die? Can you hope to see them again? Can you let go of your fear and guilt? Can Gods love soothe a wound so jagged?

With scriptural authority and the warmth of a pastors heart, bestselling author John MacArthur examines the breadth of the entire Bible and reveals in this compelling book the Heavenly Fathers care for every life.

I have sat by the grave of our daughter and son and wondered out loud if my belief that Hope and Gabriel are in heaven has any solid scriptural support. John MacArthur offers truth from Gods Word that puts the doubts of any grieving parent to rest. Safe in the Arms of God reveals that confidence of heaven for the child you love is based on much more than mere sentimentality; it is revealed in the Word of God and reflective of the very heart of God. ?Nancy Guthrie, author of Holding On to Hope
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What Happens to Babies When They Die?

The Bible offers answers on nearly every subject, yet is oddly vague about the destiny of infants who die before they can be baptized. Do these babies go to heaven? Two verses address the issue, although neither specifically answers the question. The first statement came from King David after he had committed adultery with Bathsheba , then had her husband Uriah killed in combat to cover the sin. Despite David's prayers, God struck dead the baby born from the affair. When the infant died, David said:.

Jesus’ Love For Children

There's nothing quite so agonizing as the death of a child. As someone said, "The death of a child is like a period placed before the end of a sentence. Often we are too busy to realize that the most precious things we have also can be the most fleeting. Those who experience the loss of a child are often filled with questions. At Back to the Bible we frequently get letters from grieving parents.

Perhaps the most difficult and emotionally charged question ever asked the pastor or apologist is why God let a particular child suffer or die. The question is rarely abstract. I suggest we know more than that. Instead, they need hugs and maybe meals. But there comes a time, when the initial anguish subsides, that people seek the larger picture of what God is doing in the universe. First, children suffer and die due to pestilence and disease enabled when the Lord cursed the ground after Adam and Eve sinned.

When my wife first showed me the positive pregnancy test, we were overjoyed. Since I was a pastor several states away from family, we wanted to make this announcement really special for them. We planned to write notes to accompany the books over the weekend so they would be ready to mail on Monday. But Saturday morning, we were in the E. We were having a miscarriage. In other words, it may be true that God saves babies.


  1. Dominic C. says:

    There's nothing quite so agonizing as the death of a child. As someone said, "The death of a child is like a period placed before the end of a sentence." It is ironic.

  2. Agrican B. says:

    Babies go to heaven based on the unchanging character of God. David knew God's grace would take David to heaven when he died, where.

  3. Zachary M. says:

    Do Children Go to Heaven When They Die?

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    I believe that God is clear in Scripture that He welcomes into heaven each God does not want us to be agnostics on the eternal destiny of babies If God takes ownership of these “innocents” (Jer ), those who do not yet.

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    Find out what the Bible says about unbaptized infants

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