Stony Meteorites are characterized by chondrules–small spheres (average diameter of 1 mm) of formerly melted minerals that have come together with other mineral matter to form a solid rock. Chondrites are believed to be among the oldest rocks in the solar system.
82 percent of meteorite falls are chondrites.

Stony Meteorites without chondrules. Scientists believe that some of these meteorites originated on the surface of the Moon or Mars. 7.8 percent of meteorite falls are achondrites.

Note on Groupings:
Howardites, Eucrites, and Diogenites have been grouped as HED meteorites. These types may originate on the asteroid Vesta. Chassignites, Shergottites, and Nakhlites are grouped as SNC meteorites. These types are believed to originate on Mars.

Irons/Stony Irons

These meteorites are made of a crystalline iron-nickel alloy. Scientists believe that they resemble the outer core of the Earth. 4.8 percent of meteorite falls are irons.

Stony Irons
These meteorites are mixtures of iron-nickel alloy and non-metallic mineral matter. Scientists believe that they are like the material that would be found where the Earth’s core meets the mantle. 1.2 percent of meteorite falls are stony irons.

Confirmed meteorites that have not been scientifically classified at this time.

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